“Report,” Mr. Horton commanded as soon as he arrived. The old, grumpy-looking detective had to raise his voice to be heard over the loud rumble of the storm. The rain fell by the gobs on Wormwood, a lonely pine-forest town. A thunderclap roared loudly in the distance, like two mountains high-fiving.

“Strigine, 2 years old. Cause of death is most likely this deep wound across her throat, because frankly I don’t see anything else that might’ve killed her.” Jericho said as he stood over the victim, “No broken wings. No signs of struggle, even. Wound was inflicted by a beak. A massive one, from the looks of it.”

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#ENFAF — Day 09

The three random words for Day 09 of #ENFAF were:


Laughing, Agony, and Ash.

Merely reading the words incites disturbing thoughts. Or happy ones. Depends on how stable you are. Regardless, the artistry I witnessed today, prompted by these words, is simply smashing.

The contributions are listed below in no particular order.

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